Exclusively for clients and students of Modern Breastfeeding + Education!
While all lactation services include a month of phone / text / e-mail follow-up, many times clients need help further down the road. Questions include a broad range of topics such as:
  • postpartum blues or mood questions
  • teething
  • going back to work
  • pumping questions
  • illnesses
  • weaning
  • infant development
  • sleep
  • introducing solid foods
  • and many more subjects
The Monthly Support Package is designed with you in mind. It provides continued on-call support to answer questions when you need it, by subscribing! This offer never expires, and can be renewed at any time you wish to have more support. This is Gillian’s way of giving people truly continuous support throughout their breastfeeding journey.
This also includes access to a password-protected area with additional resources, extra handouts, and more, which will be updated monthly with new content just for subscribers. You will be notified before your subscription ends so that you can take full advantage of this service, or choose to renew. The following subscription lengths are available:
1 month of care is $50 per month as desired
3 months of continuous care for $125 (1/2 month off)
6 months of continuous care for $250 (full month free)


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