photo by Jeanine Persichini

Birth Consultation

**NEW SERVICE** Gillian Foreman wishes to use her vast experience as a birth doula, perinatal educator, and lactation specialist to help you achieve the best outcome possible! Therefore Modern Breastfeeding + Education is offering a new type of service: a Private Birth Consultation. This is ideal for families / couples who: are expecting twins, or more, and want to know about questions to ask care providers, normal protocols for multiples births, and more

In-Home Lactation Consultation

Did you know you can have personalized care in the comfort of your own home? Not only do you need to know this, you deserve to have it. This is the most common session for people experiencing pain, worried about their baby’s growth, or other acute breastfeeding problems, as discussed with your pediatrician, or birth care provider. In a detailed 2 hour visit in your home, we discuss your medical history, your birth,

Phone Lactation Consultation

For people who live too far away for an in-home consultation, or simply want answers to questions they have, phone and Skype sessions are available. This consultation is a one hour scheduled call, where you will receive personal history and consent forms ahead of time to fill out pre-consultation. Payment is due in full when the visit is booked. It is ideal for parents with many questions, but who do