For people who live too far away for an in-home consultation, or simply want answers to questions they have, phone and Skype sessions are available.

This consultation is a one hour scheduled call, where you will receive personal history and consent forms ahead of time to fill out pre-consultation. Payment is due in full when the visit is booked.

It is ideal for parents with many questions, but who do not feel they need hands on help, with tops such as: pumping when returning to work, introducing a bottle, checking in with what’s “normal” while establishing breastfeeding, and more.

After the call, a personalized care plan will be emailed to you, as well as a receipt for reimbursement for your insurance company. This also includes a month of phone, text, and e-mail follow-up to make sure your initial need or problem was answered.

This service is $100 + tax.

Contact Gillian to book your consultation.